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About piano lessons

If you're looking for piano lessons in Derby, Forte is the place for you. We teach all ages and all abilities and we do so, on genuine upright pianos. Our piano lessons are great fun whilst providing you with a musical skill. We are also able to put you in touch with our friends at Foulds music shop who rent and sell both digital and acoustic pianos.

We teach children from around the age of five years old and we teach adults of all ages too. All teachers are not only supremely talented musicians, but excellent teachers first and foremost. Whether you are looking to improve your skills or start for the very first time, get in touch today and book a lesson with us!

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Faq's About Piano Lessons

All of our teachers can take students through grades all the way to grade 8 and beyond. Grades can be a great way to learn the piano as it gives students something to aim for and we only teach recognised syllabusses such as ABRSM and Trinity. However, if grades are not your thing, we can tailor design lesssons to suit you meaning we teach you everything you need to know as well as the pieces you most want to learn. A mixture of the two ways of learning is gnerally preffered by most.

Due to practice being essential for making progess, students do need an instrument of their own. We recommend talking to the staff at foulds about the best instruments to buy. Foulds also offer an amazing rental service that you won't find better anywhere else. There is even a scheme where some of the rental money you have paid is returned to you should you purchase an instrument from them.

You will find our prices on the prices section of this website. Most beginners are best off with a half hour lesson intially. All the payment for lessons go to your designated teacher usually by monthly bank transfer. After your intial lesson, all Lessons are payable a month in advance and your teacher will provide you a contract with their particular rules on cancellation and payment etc.

This is always tricky to say. We generally recommend around 5 upwards in terms of children. It very much depends on the instrument you're wishing to learn also. The best thing to do is contact us for more details and organise a trial lesson.

Possibly the most asked question by adults. Our oldest student is 84 years old....so if you're middle aged there's no excuse! Our teachers specialise in teaching adults just as much as they do children. Our advice is to just have a go and we are sure you'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you'll be able to pick things up.

Use the contact form on this site or call us on 07929 366641 or email info@fortemusicacademy.co.uk.

"Amazingly talented musicians and teachers and great people to boot"

(Jason Marshall)

Why have piano lessons with Us?

We only teach on genuine upright pianos

If you're paying good money for piano lessons, we feel it only fair to actually teach on acoustic upright pianos rather than digital pianos. We use brands such as Kawai and Steinbach for our piano lessons and we feel learning on an actual upright piano is very important, particularly for technique since not all digitals have weighted keys. Digital pianos are still very useful at least at the initial stages particularly for those that would struggle to fit a full-size piano into their home. Pianos aren't small, and we appreciate it's not practical for every household to have one. So, for this reason, we make sure students get to learn on the real thing!

We are based in Derby city centre above Foulds Music shop

Forte is based in Derby centre above our friends at Foulds Music. Our central location makes us easy to get to for anyone looking for piano lessons in Derby in the surrounding areas. We are the only music school in the centre providing the range of tuition that we do, and we have to say, piano lessons are something of a specialty of ours. Foulds music kindly provide our pianos and we strongly recommend talking to the staff about purchasing an instrument should you ever need one. They have an amazing rental service and provide finance options on pianos also. This means you're able to have an upright piano from as little as £25 per month in some cases!

The most experienced piano teachers in Derby?

We certainly think so. Our teachers are truly exceptional not only as musicians, but as teachers first and foremost. All have studied music extensively and each of them are passionate about passing on their knowledge. We pride ourselves on making the learning process fun and the clichéd idea of the serious, stern piano teacher is a thing of the past. At least with us it is!

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